X64 Systems

Innovative Accessible Digital Technologies

X64 Systems is the leading innovator of fully accessible web 2.0 and 3.0 based technologies. At X64 Systems, we champion the fusion of innovation and accessibility, crafting comprehensive technology solutions that cater to a diverse range of needs. From financial trading instruments that empower individuals with unprecedented market insights to multimedia platforms that redefine content sharing and storage, we are reshaping the digital landscape. Our e-commerce and community forum solutions further underscore our commitment to fostering both financial and social independence. With every service we offer, our unwavering dedication to upholding the zenith of accessibility standards remains at the forefront. At X64 Systems, we believe in creating a digital world where inclusivity isn't just an afterthought, it's the foundation.

Accessible Financial Trading Instruments: X64 Trading

Our bespoke solution, empowered by the renowned open-source Highstocks charting library, offers unprecedented access to stock, crypto, indices, and forex markets. We pride ourselves on providing not just audible and visual charts, but also comprehensive technical indicators for informed trading decisions. Moreover, Highcharts facilitates tactile SVG versions of each chart, presenting a tangible means for interpreting data. Now, blind and visually-impaired individuals can engage in technical analysis with unparalleled ease. We believe X64 Trading is the first platform of its kind to provide complete and total access to financial markets!

Accessible Audio and Video Streaming: X64 Media

X64 Media stands as a comprehensive hub for publishing, sharing, and archiving multimedia content. Drawing inspiration from platforms like YouTube, we offer an all-encompassing media platform that caters to both video and audio formats, including podcasts. Our platform doesn't just match industry standardsóit sets them, especially in terms of accessibility.

Accessible Ecommerce: X64 Shop

In the contemporary business landscape, e-commerce is pivotal. Our platform ensures an impeccably accessible experience for both customers using assistive technology and developers maintaining the site. We are redefining the e-commerce paradigm with inclusivity at its core.

Accessible Community Forum: X64 Forums

Community engagement holds profound significance, especially within the disabled community. Hence, we have curated a forum tailored for all users, with a special emphasis on the blind and visually impaired. Our platform not only facilitates discussions on pressing social issues but also provides a marketplace for the exchange of assistive technology and other goods at no cost. We champion fostering connections without commercial interference. Our principled stance against monetizing such a crucial platform underscores our ethical commitment. With us, user privacy and security are paramountórest assured, your data will never be subjected to unsolicited exposure. However, always exercise discretion when sharing personal information online. Security, after all, is a shared responsibility.